Getting A Four-Legged Friend?

When it comes to having a dog and living in an apartment, it is important to choose a dog that has the right temperament. Sure, any dog could live in an apartment, but some breeds are more suited to small space living than others. You will need to consider several things when it comes to choosing a dog and no matter what dog you choose, having the time to give your dog enough exercise is important. Even very active breeds can survive living in smaller spaces when they are well exercised.

These 5 breeds are listed as the best when it comes to living in apartments according to the American Kennel Club: Shit Tzu, English Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pug, and Greyhound. These dog breeds tend to have easygoing and friendly personalities and relatively low energy levels which makes them great apartment companions. Remember, you are taking on the responsibility of a living thing – make sure you’re ready. Check with us for Fido rules.

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